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As a long time Canon shooter I've sat back and watched this Mirrorless craze unfold wondering what the big deal was. Quite frankly I was getting tired of all the (que the violin music) "I'm leaving my blah DSLR for this new mirrorless camera for good!" over and over and over. After lugging around a Canon 5D mark II with battery grip and big flash around for years and even totally screwing up my elbow in the process I started to wonder if this was something I needed to casualy look into. I've poked around for the past year or so, watching videos on Sony and Fuji cameras but didn't know which one was better.
A few weeks ago I asked the question to David Hobby on twitter as to which camera took the shot in his post, and he was very kind to reply and further more suggesting that camera but the X100T as well. I have followed both David and Zack Arias for a good many years now and are both Fuji shooters so I've valued their videos and articles on the Fuji line up. I think the twitter comment from David was the selling point.
So what's cool about this camera? I'll list them out.
  • It's small, compact and personal! This makes me want to go out and shoot more! I don't have to open up the big case and assemble a camera if I want to shoot one of my kitchen creations or my crazy 4 year old girl!
  • The thing just looks cool as hell! I love black and silver and I look like a tourist carrying an old film camera, so that's perfect I blend in. I have the brown leather case and red soft shutter button.
  • The outstanding image quality, most of the images above are straight out of the camera. Looking at some of the first images I shot with this I thought to myself wow, those aren't Canon images that's for sure. I really like all the film simulations as well and this camera just gets the exposure just right.
  • The built-in 3 stop ND filter. I really like studio portraits shot at f2 and the ND filter works great at this.
  • I'm diggin the auto ISO, I like how it has a range like base is 200 and doesn't go over 800, 1600 or 3200 pretty cool.
  • The WIFI. This wasn't a selling point but if you get the shot right in camera and send it to your phone for upload to social media without even taking the card out of the camera.
  • The rangefinder. Still getting used to this one and all it's modes but it really helped with when the ND filter was on and I was able to still see what I was doing.

Am I going to scale the nearest mountain top and proclaim that I'm leaving the DSLR world forever? No, not quite yet but this camera makes one hell of an addition to the tool bag. I may not use it as the main camera during a wedding ceremony but everything other part of the day... Hell Yeah. I've had this by my side everyday since it arrived!

Last but not least a big thank you to my wife Colleen for agreeing to let me get this camera!

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